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nipples the enchilada by rubbe
Panniculus by jflaxman

Mature Content

Amnesia Vocaloids by BunnyHopp
the Pope by shawnsmithart
Hideous Digital Shit
Stampylonghead, SSundee, DanTDM SEXY XMAS FANART!! by Sikojensika

Mature Content

Advent 2- propaganda penis by Bulkicemesenpai2582

Mature Content

Advent 3- elf goat hybrid delivers presents to you by Bulkicemesenpai2582
Shiinotic by mumblingmisfit
Traditional Tragedies
85- Sea Monster by DracoPhobos
Competitions and Complexes for God's Blood by Parker-Weston
71- Killer Commode by DracoPhobos
Garden of What Should Never Be by Parker-Weston
Smelly Sketchbook
Mamma Satana - ipantellas by igotsaladfingers
Le Me by igotsaladfingers
Inktober Sketch day 28 by TimTheScarecrow

Mature Content

Foodfight! Sketch Dum(b)p by Orange-Zeppelin
Mixed Media
It wasn't me! by mitoXD

Mature Content

Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun... by HotaruThodt
Hitlerkin Stamp by OXlDIZER
Kids with guns by Rammsx
The Crystal Gems Teach Peridot How It's Done by SkeletonNekoGems12
HERE COMES A BEES Xd by SkeletonNekoGems12
Frankie and Joel by charcoalfeather
Misc. Horrible

Mature Content

THEY GAVE IT A PENIS by Little-rolling-bean
Realisations: Bananafly by MessyPaperCut
A Lamb With a Lot to Learn.... by Corbett-CollinsII
Self Portraits
Mastermind by UrABoob
Apocalypse Cartoons at 14 by ApocalypseCartoons
Super Duper Edgy by krappykinx
Bon Chien by IggySlash
Tera by Bulkicemesenpai2582
ravioli ravioli you're a fagioli by SanicGee8

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Wisp by AllEagerThumbs
Unite Aganist Freedom! by rustslut
The Written Word

Mature Content

Mature Content

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Group Guidelines

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Where the Group Icon is From:…
Now stop fucking asking me.

:bulletred:We DO NOT want your whining "AAAAWWWWW-This drawing I did didn't turn out how I wanted and it's ugly" submissions. We want purposely placed grotesque in the vomit cake you call a deviation.

:bulletred: Only 2 Submissions are allowed per day in every folder.

:bulletred:Submissions uploaded to the 'Featured' folder are subject to vote. If you uploaded your piece to the Featured folder but were declined, it just means we didn't feel it was hideous enough. If you uploaded it to the Featured Folder because you were too lazy to select the proper one, you need to ask yourself if what you made is worth our time...... think about it.

:bulletred: If your submission was rejected from the Featured Folder, DO NOT resubmit it. Just because we rejected it once, don't think we made a fucking mistake and didn't see that your piece is, in fact, worthy. You're only going to piss us off and we'll reject everything you submit after that out of pure spite. If you genuinely feel that your piece should have been accepted, send I-am-Seme a note. I'll gladly tell you why and what you can do in the future to be more OP friendly.

:bulletred:You can be promoted to "Contributors" if you are an active member and not just a stagnant piece of shit. If you feel like you should be promoted, send a note to I-am-Seme telling me why I should consider your stupid ass face to be worthy. Because I love you.

:bulletred: Upload whatever you like, but keep in mind, if your crap isn't up to OP standards, it will be deleted. Don't waste my time in having to go through your dumbfuckery. If you feel uploading a picture of your lopsided tits or a head shot of your emo fag friend who isn't really a friend is funny, get the fuck out. I have no patience for your shit.

:bulletred: Any repeat rule breakers or if you just keep pissing me off, I will fucking ban you.

If you have any questions regarding this group,leave a comment.

By admin, all I really mean is giving you the ability to vote on what can be submitted into the featured folder. Plus, your icon gets plastered on the front page so you get to look important. Go you!

The past few months, it seems most of our current admins have either fallen off the grid or possibly internet died. I can't blame them of course as my own access to the internet has pretty much been limited to what I can do on my phone while on breaks at work and behind the wheel of my car (when I'm avoiding pedestrians, usually). I vote when I can, but it isn't enough and, sadly, quite a few submissions expire before they can be properly voted on.

So, I ask. Is anyone interested?

You must be active on DeviantArt, plus I'll be checking on your activity involving the group. That way, I won't be merely accepting dumbasses who agree to help vote and just never do anything after. Anyone I accept will be on "probation" and I'll be monitoring what you vote on. If I feel your opinion of ugly isn't up to OP standards, don't be surprised if I demote you suddenly. And without consulting you first. Because why.

If you're interested, feel free to leave a comment here or note me.
Please, don't expect a response right away though. I'm a busy man with many bitches to put in place on a daily basis, but I'll get to you when I have free time between my arduous love making sessions.
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We make really ugly shit and we will never apologize.

Supreme Ruler of the Masses


General of the Ugly Army


Lieutenants of the Ugly Army




These fuckers get it.


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